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Brexit vacations: How leaving the EU might affect the method we travel

June 12,2015 Brexit boom 5 comments


"Should I stay or should I go?" sang Joe Strummer from The Clash, and that Eighties lyric will no doubt be rattling around brains as the June 23 EU Referendum methods.

The argument has reached such a level of frenzy that a chain of London hot dog restaurants has actually even launched a dish in its honor. Marketed as being "half the size for double the cost", Herman Ze German's 'Ze Big Brexit Dog' pleads the concern: What's wurst, in or out?

According to a study carried out by travel insurance provider, 44% of tourists fear travel will become harder if the UK leaves the EU. The study of more than 3,000 UK homeowners, likewise found that 33% of UK travelers say that ease of travel in the EU has a bearing on how they will vote in the EU Referendum.

It's real, Brexit could influence on the expense of holidays overseas.

According to the Treasury's research, a Brexit vote could trigger the pound to fall by 12%, increasing the expense of accommodation, food and drinks for those travelling overseas.

Travel money service provider FairFX states this could see the everyday invest of a European break increasing to almost 100 a day at the most pricey destinations. They state, post-Brexit, a European holiday might cost almost 10 a day more - completing 70 per individual for a week's break or 280 for a household of 4.

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Another concern worrying holidaymakers is a prospective hike in flight rates.

Andrew Shelton, MD of the international flight search and travel deals platform, comments: "We saw a boost in look for flights to European destinations of over 40% when the Referendum was revealed in February as Brits wanted to book flights prior to a possible price hike in the event of a Brexit.

"Since then, need has actually steadied to a 20-22% boost year on year. That suggests Brits are worried by the potential for an increase in flight rates - but there is a great deal of uncertainty."

Research study commissioned by travel offer website Travelzoo, in combination with Bournemouth University, goes one step further to recommend leaving the EU could cost as much as 4.1 billion a year in worldwide traveler spending. The research study, performed in the UK, France, German, Spain and Italy, discovered that a third of Italian, Spanish and German travelers - and a quarter of French - say they will be less inclined to travel to the UK if Britain votes to leave Europe.

In addition to the loss of income, there's also the prospective loss of advantages which EU membership has afforded over the years - consisting of the EHIC card for health cover, improvements to ATOL package defense and hold-up and cancellation compensation.

It's certainly a lot to think about before casting your vote at the ballot station, and proof that the future of travel is playing a significant function in shaping popular opinion.